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Fit potential people support Misty Copeland ballerina with everything

I have always been very shy and just wanted to fit in; I have never dreamed of what I want to become when I grow up. But dancing gave me a connection to my personality that made me grow.

Her dedication and determination is a perfect example for young women. I remind myself every day how lucky I am to do what I love! I am so lucky and I am just trying to kill myself day after day. I feel like I represent every young dancer, not even a dancer, who thought he was not accepted by the ballet world. I would like to think that they can see themselves in me.

In August I will be 77 years old, I studied music, I played everything to become a great singer or actress, but in those days I just did not pursue my dream. If it does not work with this talent I have now, I will not stop creating my beautiful creations. God bless you, heart, all go with the blessings of God. Although she spent the past 15 years with the Transportation Authority in the Santa Clara Valley, her love and passion in life revolved around her family. Before returning to work after the birth of her daughter Melissa, Ms. Storey was able to spend time communicating with her daughter, supporting her in many ways…

The dancers share their experiences of the dance convention


You never know what might happen today, tomorrow. And it was a kind of existence of mine throughout my family life at home, where I just blend in with the background through other siblings, which was easy to do. ”- Misty Copeland, 33. Misty motivational quotes Copeland to live life. “Every time I dance, I try to prove myself.” – Misty Copeland, 23 “Finding ballet was like finding this missing part of yourself.” – Misty Copeland, 9.

Quotes and Sayings by Misty Copeland

Or maybe you saw her on the cover of Time magazine when she was named one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2015. Although ballet is becoming less popular, Copeland is working to change it as it has experienced unprecedented popularity. in process. The sense of ballet grew in pointe shoes within three months of her first dance lesson. A little over a year later, Misty was already a professional dancer. These inspirational quotes from Misty Copeland show you how to overcome the adversity you need to overcome adversity in order to fulfill your dream..

“This is what I have struggled with so much throughout the beginning of my career. I do not want to embellish my skin with a light color to get into … ballet. I’m very proud to follow your heart at an age Your gift was from God, use it and use it to the end.I found this quote and I want to share it with you.Your talent is a gift from God, what you do with it, your gift to God.

Prima Ballerina: Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland did not come from the same family life as most ballerinas, and yet she still remains one of the most talented ballerinas in modern history. Misty Copeland, living in a minority and achieving everything she ever wanted, is one of the most visible figures in achieving her dreams. It does not seem to me as if my life is the life of a super star! One day a young girl asked me to become her mentor, something I knew nothing about. What I really remembered was what it was like to be the only African-American dancer in the ballet world and want to connect with someone like me. For the first time in my life I became interested in ballet.

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